About us

Our Mission

The EDC’s mission is to alleviate and prevent conditions of unemployment in Ontonagon County, to assist and retain local industries and commercial enterprises to strengthen and revitalize the economy of Ontonagon County, and to encourage and assist new industrial and commercial enterprises to locate to Ontonagon County. All activities of the corporation must be in compliance with those Acts authorized by Act 338 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1974, as amended by Act 175, of the Michigan Public Acts of 1976.

We want your business! Allow us to prove to you that there are significant personal and business reasons to locate in Ontonagon County, including:

• Large available regional labor pool
• Custom and technical training capacity
• Close to universities and community colleges
• Experienced development assistance program
• Excellent quality of life
• Close-knit communities
• Diverse recreational opportunities
• Public lake access
• Strong health care system
• Quality school systems
• Affordable housing, rural cost of living
• Major airport access, excellent local airports
• Deep water port
• Safe and clean environment